People and Organisation Management the Smart Way.

Organize your friends, business contacts, tenants, subscribers — you name it. Any time you need to group a collection of people together, allow people to sign up to your list, and send out notices, hippoGROUPS is your tool. With powerful web management, mail merge capabilities, integration with other Hippo Technologies products and a wide range of other features, hippoGROUPS is a powerful tool for any business aiming to improve customer communications or market itself better.

Organize Your Contacts

hippoGROUPS is a powerful organisational, communication and marketing tool. It allows you to create hippoGROUPS and have people subscribe or join them using terminals inworld. You can then send messages to your groups as often as you want, including attachments, thus enabling you to easily communicate en masse. Unlike boring Second Life groups, members aren’t restricted to 25 hippoGROUPS, nor do they need to worry about getting endlessly bothered with group chatter.

Endless Uses

hippoGROUPS has hundreds of potential uses … for example you could run a newspaper, inform customers of product updates, keep track of club members, organize your tenants, run a marketing campaign, send a bulk Christmas greeting … any application that needs you to organize groups of people and contact them, frequently or infrequently, is ideal for hippoGROUPS.

Dozens of Features

Here are just a few of the features that make hippoGROUPS a business tool you can’t afford to be without …

Create multiple hippoGROUPS and manage them and the group members easily online in your web browser.

Rez terminals inworld which people can click to sign up, leave, or read group messages.

Quickly send messages to an entire list of people, including basic mail merge facilities (to personalize the message).

Include attachments with messages and allow members to redeliver the attachment from a terminal (or via their web browser) if you choose.

Easily customize the appearance of terminals, from the online and offline textures, to the welcome message for new members, to the hovertext floating over it.

Members of your groups can login to a password-protected part of our website to browse the message history of a group, or to leave it if they wish.

If you’re a user of our hippoVEND Vending System, now Second Life’s most popular web-based vending solution, you’ll find that hippoGROUPS integrates perfectly; automatically add customers who purchase a product, add people in bulk from your sales log, add people who rez one of your reseller vendors.

Similarly, if you use hippoRENT, Second Life’s most popular rental system, you can easily choose to have tenants automatically added to a hippoGROUP so you can communicate with them easily.

If you use hippoVISIT, our powerful visitor tracking and alert system, you can configure sensors so that visitors to your store get added to a hippoGROUP of your choice.

Finally, if you use hippoIMAGE, our texture browser system, you can easily configure a hippoIMAGE browser to add anybody who purchases a texture to a hippoGROUP — once again, making it extremely easy to track your customers and add a further level of sophistication to your marketing and communication.


hippoGROUPS is subscription-based, meaning that once you’ve bought a starter pack you then pay a small fee to Hippo Technologies each month. You can quit at any point, roll over unused messages from one month to the next and take payment holidays (e.g. if you’re away for a few weeks, just stop paying us — we only delete data three months after somebody has stopped using hippoGROUPS). Or if you have a one-off marketing exercise to do, subscribe to the plan you need, send your messages, then let your subscription lapse. It’s flexible and easy — payments are not taken automatically, only when you choose, so you stay in control. You’ll also find us significantly cheaper than competing list and subscription management products! To see the latest prices, visit the hippoGROUPS user guide page.

Please note: hippoGROUPS is not a Second Life group inviter tool; hippoGROUPS are a separate entity to Second Life groups.