Bring a little order to your inventory chaos.

Organise any inventory in any prim using Second Life’s most powerful inventory searching and management power-tool. Save hours of time over trying to do the same using Second Life’s glacially-slow build window!

We all know how slow Second Life can be when it comes to managing inventory inside prims — yet storing inventory items in prims is useful (it unclutters your own inventory) and often essential (if selling items from a server like hippoVEND for example). Delete one item and Second Life can take 10 … 20 … 30 seconds to update the contents list. Valuable time wasted. Enter hippoINVENTORY and the complete inventory management solution.

In a nutshell, hippoINVENTORY is a set of simple scripts you can add to any prim. Once you do, you can use easy to learn voice commands to check, organise, delete, copy, give (or in a Hippo server, load) inventory items. Want to see every texture with ”house” in the name, for example? You’d simple have to type /9 list “house” textures and the job’s done!

Among the dozens of powerful features …

Quickly see just the items you want to in a prim’s inventory, using powerful filtering tools

Include or exclude items from a search by name or inventory type

Choose whether to see extra information, such as object keys or permissions

Give items to yourself, friends, or other objects … either singularly, or in folders

Delete selected items — with a confirmatory dialog menu to avoid accidents

Allow chosen friends (or a group) to manage inventory

Load selected items in a hippoGROUPS, hippoVEND, or hippoRENT server, without reloading the entire inventory list

All of this at speeds much, much faster than is possible using Second Life’s built in tools!

Using hippoINVENTORY you could, for example, …

List every texture containing the word “tree” in a prim

Copy everything that isn’t a script and isn’t called “chair” to another prim’s inventory

Give a copy of every texture to a friend called John Smith, helpfully organised in a folder called “Textures for John”

Upload details of just notecards with “info” in their names to your hippoVEND inventory list online

The possibilities: endless. The time saved: priceless.

Purchase your copy today at the main Hippo Technologies Store (where you can also grab a free demo) or, if you wish, read the full user guide before purchasing to find out more about how hippoINVENTORY can help you.