Count Every Last Prim. No Matter Where It’s Hiding.

Need to easily enable friends or tenants to instantly check their prim usage? hippoPRIMS consists of a base station that you can rez and deed to your land group and remote counters you can freely hand out. A user just clicks the remote and it will obtain their latest prim counts from the base station.

hippoPRIMS is an easy-to-use tool designed to make it really easy for users of group land to see their prim counts. It consists of two items:

hippoPRIMS Base Station (-copy, +mod, +transfer)
hippoPRIMS Remote Counter (+copy, +mod, +transfer)

As the land owner, you simply rez (and deed to the group the land is set to) a hippoPRIMS Base Station and give out hippoPRIMS Remote Counters to your friends and land users. When they rez and a click a Remote Counter, provided they’re standing on land set to the same group as the Base Station and are in the same sim, the remote will contact the Base Station and obtain their prim count for them.

One Base Station can count the prims on any parcel owned by the same group in the sim.
For multiple sims, just purchase a second package.

Please note that hippoPRIMS is not designed to integrate with hippoRENT
(which comes with its own prim counter for use on group land).