Keep It Together

hippoSYNC – Prim Synchronization Tool

Simply drop the scripts that come with hippoSYNC into a couple of objects and changes made to one object will be applied to the other (colours, textures, size, shape etc.) A great time saver if you regularly need to change multiple copies of the same object at once.

hippoSYNC is a clever little tool that enables you to “synchronize” multiple prims. Change the texture, size, shape, colour — or any other parameters of a prim — and have those changes rapidly replicated across other prims you’ve chosen to synchronize it with in the same sim. As well as this clever, trick, hippoSYNC can also …

Maintain different synchronization “networks”, so you can choose which prims synchronize with each other.

Define “master” and “slave” prims so that only master prims transmit their changes to others.

Work with single or multi-prim linked objects.

Easy to setup. Just add the supplied script to each prim you want to connect and you’re away!

There are loads of potential uses: anything from a building tool to a noticeboard updater … the only limit to the application is your imagination!

Please note …

Performance can vary on slower sims. Please try the free demo available from hippoSYNC vendors and try before you buy!

Only objects (and textures) that you have *full permissions* for can be synchronized with hippoSYNC.

Check out the User Guide if you want to learn more.