Crowd Pleaser.

hippoUPDATE Automatic Product Update Server

Easily keep your customers updated with the latest version of your products using this powerful update server. Limitless inventory, lightning fast operation and the ability to monitor your servers using your web browser.

Offering free updates of your products to your customers is a powerful marketing tool, but can also be a pain to organize.

No more.

The hippoUPDATE Automatic Product Update System allows you to keep your customers automatically updated with the latest versions of your products with very little effort.

The Latest Server Technology in a Blisteringly Fast Package

As you’d expect from a Hippo Technologies product, hippoUPDATE is packed with features:

‘Keyless’ server technology — you can take our servers into inventory and re-rez them without causing communications between your products and the update server to fail.

Almost limitless inventory in the server.

Subversion number support (so you can number your product versions e.g. 1.0.2 if you wish).

Monitor your servers online using our secure website.

Deliver products via the website if you wish.

Use the website to view logs of each update given (date, time, recipient, version sent). You can browse, search, sort or export your logs to CSV format (suitable for e.g. Microsoft Excel) with just a few mouseclicks.

Includes example scripts to help you make your products update ready.

Sophisticated “talkback” from the server so more advanced scripters can more tightly integrate update technology with their products.

Secure, password protected, communications to protect your server and your business.

Pick up your copy of hippoUPDATE from any of stores inworld and take your business management to the next level.