Look After Your Customers.

hippoVISIT Visitor Tracking and Notification System

hippoVISIT is a simple-to-use yet powerful visitor tracking and notification system, consisting of a HUD and sensors you rez at the locations you wish to track visitors. When a visitor passes through a sensor, an alert is sent to your HUD, allowing you, if you wish, to quickly teleport to the location and look after your visitor. Dozens of extra features make this the ideal way to ensure your customers feel looked after! That’s the basic idea, but as with all our products, the feature list is extensive!

HUD that minimizes when not in use and expands when needed; works on any HUD-attachment point.

Choose how frequently you receive visitor alerts and how the HUD alerts you (pop-up window, chat, sound, or a combination of the three).

Sensors can also send alerts to up to ten managers as well.

Alert messages contain SLurl’s to the sensor location, allowing easy teleportation to the location.

Sensors track the last 80 visitors and can, if you wish, send regular email reports of the visitors.

Fully customize the alert text sent to you or each manager and the greeting, if any, a sensor gives to visitors.

Sensors can give out inventory items to visitors.

Network sensors together to easily manage stores with multiple entrances and exits.

Sensors can detect visitors who walk through them or who come within a particular scan range.

Everything is copyable: so rez all the sensors you need, take copies of the HUD to use with different outfits, etc.

hippoVISIT is one of the most flexible visitor tracking systems available and allows you to get on with your Second Life whilst still keeping in touch with that most vital part of your business: your customers.