One-Touch Control of Every Window in your Home.

hippoWINDOWS Remote Window Management

A powerful and flexible way to manage the look of all the windows (and doors, if you wish) in your home from one central control panel. Can be connected to our popular hippoRENT system to enable your tenants to control the look of their homes. Once you’ve installed it then at a touch of a button you can change window colours, textures, transparency and more, applying different settings to the inside and outside of each pane.

As well as using the simple control panel and saving your favourite settings to it, hippoWINDOWS speaks basic English, so you can send it voice commands, like this example:

All windows colour red inside, tint 50 outside, texture “Shuttered Windows”

And there’s more of course …

Allow selected friends or a group to control your windows.

Have the appearance of your windows automatically change based on the time of day (so, with the right textures, for example, you could have curtains appear to automatically close at night).

If you’re technically minded, you can change the way the controller and the windows communicate (chat or linked message) to avoid lag.

If you’re a landlord, simply connect hippoWINDOWS to your hippoRENT system using the easy-to-follow instructions and immediately any tenants will be able to control the windows in their rental home.

The hippoWINDOWS system is a fun and easy way to take control of your home. And, like all our products, creative minds can find lots of other uses for it … from artwork in your home … to running advertising hoardings in a business sim, wherever you need to easily and quickly change the look of a prim, hippoWINDOWS can help!

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