Rackspace Cloud infrastructure failure

On Feb 12th Rackspace Cloud Servers collapsed and took down the legacy Hippo web services which Rackspace supported. Rackspace admits service degradation to cloud orchestration and cloud servers. Surely in due time the long established server technicians at Rackspace will rebuild their cloud infrastructure, but for the time being there appears to be an unsafe amount of dust and smoke around the Rackspace Cloud server collapse to extract the backup databases to migrate to another server host.

For the last several years increasingly abandoned land through Second Life has also led to lack of new customer demand for the legacy web service. It marks a best decision for Hippo Technologies to step away from that legacy web service.

Hippo Technologies will certainly be keeping a keen eye to future trends in virtual worlds.

Rackspace Service Issue

The customer login page for the legacy Hippo web services appeared to not be loading. Hippo Technologies server admin has been running stability tests, and isolated the issue to Rackspace Cloud infrastructure service performance. Since inquiring yesterday, Rackspace has just vaguely posted “portal maintenance …certain functionality may be unavailable or degraded”. Hippo Technoloiges anticipates this is a serious problem which could take a very long time to rebuild, restore, and correctly fine-tune. When a remedy is available for legacy customer web services, Hippo Technologies will update functionality status here. Please expect this setback to take a long while to correct and verify. Thank you for understanding.