Got Textures? Get Organized.

Easily organise, browse, search and manage your collection of textures and images. Page through thumbnails of your images at high speed, or tile an image across the whole browser to see how it would look on a build.

hippoIMAGE is a powerful texture browsing tool, designed to make it much easier to browse, search and examine your texture collections. Rather than wade through your Second Life inventory, trying to find the image you need — hippoIMAGE lets you find it in seconds and preview it in various different ways.

Among its many features:

Rapidly browse through your texture collection in thumbnail mode.

Zoom in on any image to see it in more detail.

Replicate one image across the whole display in order to see what it looks like tiled.

Can work as a HUD. Simply attach it from inventory to a HUD point and it will resize appropriately.

Jump to an image instantly by name or number.

Search and filter images — want to see only the images with “water” in their title? Easy.

Also search by texture key or creator key.

Share images with chosen friends and, if you wish, a group.

Slideshow mode to cycle through images when inactive, if you wish.

Ships with five browser sizes to suit even the smallest land parcel …

2 x 2 thumbnails (8 prims)
3 x 3 thumbnails (13 prims)
4 x 4 thumbnails (20 prims)
5 x 5 thumbnails (29 prims)
6 x 4 thumbnails (28 prims)
(And instructions are provided to enable you to construct your own custom sizes if you wish.)

Integrates with hippoGROUPS. (If you’re not a subscriber to hippoGROUPS, see here for more information!)