Look and Sound Perfect.

A powerful tool to make managing the media on your land really, really, really simple. Control video and audio at the touch of a button. Allow friends to easily adjust what plays. Connect to hippoRENT to allow your tenants the easy ability to change media streams in just a few clicks. Simply rez, configure, deed to the land group and enjoy the many features, including …

Changing video, web page or audio streams at the touch of a button.

Define presets for video, audio or web pages that you regularly use on your land

Allow named friends, or members of a group, to change the video, audio or web being shown or played

Restrict friends to just your presets, or allow them to freely enter URLs

Quickly change video, web, or audio settings on multiple land parcels in the same sim at once

Use hippoRENT, our popular rental system? Then network hippoMEDIA to a rental box and voila, a tenant has immediate access to land parcel settings and can control their own video or audio without having to bother you!

… all this and much more! Read the the full user guide for more information on what this fantastic tool can offer you.:

We think hippoMEDIA has dozens of possible uses. For example, you could …

Make life really easy for your tenants!

Create a list of favourite ShoutCast radio stations and change between them in a couple of mouse clicks.

Control a “TV” screen on your land, quickly changing programmes.

Allow selected friends or group members to change radio stations.

Enable visitors to your store to select and play product demonstration videos.

… and there are lots more uses to which hippoMEDIA could be put with a bit of imagination — hippoMEDIA unlocks the power of audio, video and web page display on your land!

Purchase your copy today at the main Hippo Technologies Store (where you can also grab a free demo).