hippoRENT Door Plugin

Door Plugin for the hippoRENT Networked Rental System v5.6

Please only purchase this if you already own the hippoRENT Networked Rental System, otherwise it will be of little use to you!

This plugin allows you to easily set up doors that are plugged in to your rental boxes.

  • When a tenant rents a box, they get to control the door
  • When they cease renting, the door is locked to them
  • Tenants may also add up to 200 friends to the door access list
  • Access list is wiped when their tenancy ends
  • Automatically bar tenants who are in arrears on their rent if you wish
  • Pair doors together to make doubles.
  • Connect sensor pads so doors open automatically for permitted users.
  • Two door types, swing open and slide open, are included.

All this is done for you; you just need to add one script (provided) to your rental box and rez the door.

We would recommend incorporating instructions on how to use the doors into notecards you give to tenants; see the “Help” notecard inside each door.

The door open/close script provided with this package is fully modifiable; hence if you’ve got an odd door type of your own you want to integrate with a rental box, you can just edit/replace the open/close script with your own custom script.