hippoRENT Product Summary

The Most Popular Rental System Just Got Even Better.

If you need to rent land, property, mall space … anything … in Second Life, you need first class tools to do the job right. The hippoRENT Networked Rental System has been bought by over 70,000 Second Life users to take the stress out of renting and is the most powerful rental system available. It combines a rental box at the land or property you are renting, vendors to advertise your spaces to customers and a central server to manage your entire business from one central location. Or for the ultimate experience, use the web-enabled version of hippoRENT, allowing you to manage every aspect of your rental business using any web browser of your choice.

Rental Box: Total Control

Rental boxes are rezzed on your land or property to manage each tenancy, tier payment, or lease. Hundreds of features including …

  • Easy control by voice commands, configuration notecard or centrally from your server. So if you’d like to change the price on every rental box you own at once, that takes just a few seconds.
  • Tenancy data is stored in crash-proof memory, so if your sim gets reset or Second Life goes offline, your tenancy information is safe. You can even take our rental boxes into inventory and re-rez them. Rental time is tracked to the second, with both you and the tenant able to see exactly what they have left.
  • Choose to charge rent by the day, week, or month and set the price in L$ or US$, with the exchange rate fetched live from the Lindex Exchange.
  • Count the prims on a land parcel and warn tenants and yourself when the limit you have set in a tenancy agreement is exceeded.
  • Automatically remind tenants when their tenancy nears its end and needs topping up; choose to have reminders sent to you and your managers by instant message or email if you prefer.
  • Allow partners to be added to a tenancy, so couples can easily both pay rent.
  • Share rental income with up to 25 friends if you wish and allow other managers to control the rental box if you wish.
  • Fully control a rental box’s shape, size, texture and position when both rented and unrented.
  • Log the payment history for a rental box.
  • Reserve rental locations for specific people or groups and for specific periods of time.
  • Customise messages sent to tenants and the language the box uses; if you’re an estate owner and would prefer to speak about “tier” rather than “rent”, it’s easily done.
  • Offer discounts to tenants for paying for larger periods of time in one go.

… these are just a few of the hundreds of features.

Vendors: Tell the World

To build a successful rental business, you need to advertize your rentals as widely as possible. The hippoRENT Networked Rental system is unique in including vendors that update live from your rental boxes and can be rezzed anywhere on the Grid. The moment a property becomes available, it can instantly be seen by customers at your vendors and even rented from a vendor too, saving the customer a trip during which they may see your competitors! Vendors are a powerful marketing tool to help ensure that your rentals are doing what they’re supposed to — earning you money.

Vendors come in a choice of designs, both single and multi-panel, and with dozens of features. Allow customers to teleport to the rental locations with one mouse click. Easily filter what properties a vendor shows so, for example, you could have commercial rentals in one vendor, residential in another. Track how many people click or teleport to the rental location from each vendor. Customise precisely how a vendor displays information on each property. Cycle through properties, slideshow style, when the vendor is not in use.

Server: Power and Simplicity

Why spend your Second Life dashing around your rentals, checking up on tenants, adjusting rental boxes and generally working too hard? Only the hippoRENT Networked Rental System allows you to fully control every aspect of your rental business from one location. Want to raise the price of every vacant rental? Boot every tenant called ‘Smith’? Increase the prim limit of every rental in the Ambleside sim? Now you can, with one simple command from one spot.Monitor all of your rental boxes from one central location.

Servers allow you to instantly see the every rental location, the tenant name, price and tenancy lengths and prim counts on every rental box you own, just with one mouse click. Or you can filter the data you see – ask the server to only show you unrented boxes for example.

Using our RemoteLoad technology, servers can also hold configurations for boxes and vendors. Running a mall with forty identical stalls? No problem, host the configuration on a rental server and just change one configuration card when you want to change the rental details, saving yourself hours of work.

Servers can also keep you informed when you’re not in Second Life by sending automatic email reports to one or more email addresses of your choice, as often as you like.

Manage Your Rental Business from a Web Browser

The latest version of the hippoRENT Networked Rental System supports an optional plugin module which allows to control every aspect of your rental business from any web browser. Offering a far more flexible user interface than is possible within Second Life, the hippoRENT Web Plugin also means you do not need to be logged into Second Life to configure rental boxes, update vendors, or view payment logs. It can be done quickly and easily from any internet connection.

Additional Plugins

The hippoRENT Networked Rental System supports a wide range of additional plugins.  Two popular plugins available from Hippo Technologies are our door plugin, allowing you to connect a rental box to doors that only tenants can open and our new hippoSECURE security system, which can be purchased and connected to a rental box to ensure only tenants and their friends have access to the property. Alternative, if you’re renting skyboxes, why not try hippoTELEPORT, which allows you to rez teleports for tenant use.

Try the Demo …

Take the hippoRENT Networked Rental System for a free test drive today and try before you buy. If you’re logged into Second Life, simply visit our store inworld where you can pick up your free demonstration copy.