Keep Private Property Private.

hippoSECURE Land and Home Security System

The hippoSECURE Security System is a powerful yet easy-to-use security system designed to keep intruders from your property yet allow your friends unfettered access. Easily maintain lists of friends to allow through or enemies to boot on sight, or simply remove strangers after politely warning them. Fully configurable to protect circular or rectangular areas. Configured via simple menu and chat commands, or via a configuration notecard if you wish, it is suitable for both new and advanced users. It also integrates with the hippoRENT rental system, so if you’re a landlord you can help your tenants maintain their peaceful lives!

Among the many features …

Four modes: off, scan only, eject people on ban list, eject all strangers (after a suitable warning).

Works on both individual and group land (if you can right click an avatar and eject them manually, then your hippoSECURE system will be able work on the land). Comes with copyable, transferable Ejector units to use on group owned land.

Maintain a “white list” (friends to let through) of up to 500 people and a “black list” (people to remove on sight) of up to 500 names.

Grant people temporary access to your location if you wish, after which they can be automatically removed.

Control access according to an avatar’s age or payment status.

Choose how to remove people: eject them, teleport them home, add them to the land ban list, orbit them.

Allow all members of the same group as the security unit to pass safely or even to work the system if you wish.

Protect circular or rectangular areas and limit protection to just one parcel of land, to avoid causing a nuisance to your neighbours.

Customise settings: scan range, scan interval, warning time, hovertext messages etc.

Keep logs of all the activity on your land (e.g. every avatar permitted, every person ejected). These logs can be automatically emailed to you at regular intervals, if you wish.

Network multiple hippoSECURE units together to protect a larger area.

Integrates with the hippoRENT rental system if you use that, to allow tenants, partners and managers control of the system. Fully control what tenants can and can’t use on the system (e.g. allow them to edit the white list but not the black list). If you use our door module with hippoRENT, then you can automatically synchronize access lists between doors and hippoSECURE units.

Dozens of complex features for the power user, yet sets up in seconds for the new user.

If you’ve never used a Second Life security system before, please bear the following Second Life limits in mind:

Only the 16 nearest avatars will be detected at once.

The unit can’t remove people from land which you do not have removal rights on (if you own the land or it is group land and you have the necessary permissions, you will be fine).