Picture Perfect.

Artfully display or present your pictures and images. With dozens of features including multiple transition types, optional HUD or keyboard control, sound effects and inventory giving … and more … hippoSLIDESHOW is the best way to bring your pictures to life.

Introducing hippoSLIDESHOW, an easy-to-use yet powerful picture presentation system. Whether you want to display your Second Life pictures as a piece of artwork to brighten up your virtual home, promote your products to your customers, or give a business presentation, hippoSLIDESHOW offers you dozens of features including ….

Wide range of different effects to transition between pictures to make your slideshow interesting: from cross-fades to wipes, texture zooms to reveals. (There is a video demo of the different transition types available.)

Run slideshows forward, backwards or in “shuffle” mode for that element of surprise.

Choose to turn slideshow mode off and move through your pictures manually, either using menu controls or even keyboard controls if you prefer.

Allow chosen friends or members of a group to use your hippoSLIDESHOW Player.

Quickly permit friends to add textures to one of your Players; makes sharing snapshots a breeze.

Interact with visitors in a range of ways: from giving out inventory, to redirecting to websites, to playing sounds.

Wide range of customization options: from what appears as hovertext captions, to text colour, delay times, transition speeds, texture lighting and more.

Easily delete unwanted pictures from a hippoSLIDESHOW Player’s inventory using a simple command: or have a hippoSLIDESHOW Player search its own contents for duplicate textures and clean those up automatically.

Set options globally, or control inventory-giving, slide delays and a chat message on a per-slide basis.

Can display full permission or limited permission textures (note: no-copy textures have a more limited selection of transitions to choose from).

Network multiple Players together for easy inventory management and centralized control.

HUD device included to allow you to control a hippoSLIDESHOW Player — ideal for presentations.

Use the optional sensor mode to turn a slideshow off when there is nobody around to watch it.

Modifiable so that you can adjust it to fit any size of location.

Comes with one +copy -transfer hippoSLIDESHOW Player and two -copy +transfer Players, so you can load up a Player with your images and give them to a friend as a gift!

From home to shop window, from virtual boardroom to university campus, hippoSLIDESHOW is the ideal choice for pleasure, business or education. Bring your images to life and display them in all their glory!