Point to point teleportation in a flash.

hippoTELEPORT Intra-Sim Teleport System

Quickly connect together two or more points anywhere in the same sim with lightning fast, easy to use teleport terminals. Wide choice of designs, secure access, group access and many more features. Can be connected to a hippoRENT rental box if you’re a landlord and you want to offer teleport functionality to your tenants.

If you need to connect two or more points in a sim together, hippoTELEPORT offers a simple and elegant solution that can be set up in seconds. With a wide choice of teleport terminals, flexible access controls and easy customization, hippoTELEPORT is the ideal solution for private homes (perhaps you’ve a skybox you need to reach from the ground), shopping malls (a great way to enable visitors to quickly reach the store they want) and landlords (connect a teleporter to one of our rental boxes to have it automatically permit only tenants and their friends access).

Here are just a few of the many features …

Easy to deploy! Quickly connect together multiple teleport units which will then find one other and network using secure communications.

Choice of teleport designs allow you to display a picture of each location (or not) and have one or multiple panels on a picture teleporter.

Runs on Mono, the new Second Life scripting language that’s faster, more powerful, and less laggy than ever before!

Have up to 200 teleporters in any one network.

Customize a wide range of features using the easy-to-follow configuration notecard and/or menu system; everything from how a teleport behaves, to the colour of the teleport “beam”.

Two modes, “sit” teleports for locations within 300m or the rapid “move” teleport beam type for distances further than this (up to 9999m away)

Log every teleport in and out from a teleport station so you can see the date, time, avatar name and where they went (or came from).

Give inventory items to people when they teleport out from or in to a teleport station.

Chat a message to people on departure or arrival, including smart tags to personalize the message (e.g. insert an avatar’s name).

Can run in “landmark mode”, cycling through the landmarks in its inventory (thus allowing you to also link to locations in different sims).

Allow anybody to use a teleporter or restrict use to a list of friends and/or a group. Or lock it down entirely for just your use.

Password controlled access to individual locations if you wish.

Automatically sort locations alphabetically.