Crystal Clear Communication.

hippoTELL Web-Enabled Noticeboard

Simple yet powerful 180 character noticeboards that can be set either within Second Life, or using any web browser. If you use a web browser, you can easily configure multiple boards at once. The hippoTELL Web-Enabled Noticeboard offers six lines, with a choice of multiple colours and text-alignments. Easily changed with a couple of mouse-clicks, it enables you to decide what you want to say and then say it, with no fuss, no effort and no bother.

So far, there’s nothing special — there are hundreds of such noticeboards in Second Life. So here’s the clever part. The hippoTELL noticeboard is web-enabled. That means you can use any web browser to change one or more noticeboards in a flash, without having to be logged into Second Life. Got a brilliant idea for a new business promotion whilst at work and want to announce it on fifty noticeboards? No problem, simply fire up your web browser, type in your message and job done.

There are dozens of uses for the hippoTELL system: advertising, price lists, competition results, messages for your friends, sign posts, event listings … on top of which, hippoTELL can also give out notecards, landmarks or images to visitors who click it, adding to its business potential. Throw in a powerful API for scripters, enabling a board to be controlled by another script of yours from anywhere in Second Life, and you’ve got the most powerful noticeboard system currently available.

Visit a Hippo Technologies Store inworld and see hippoTELL in action.